General conditions


Article 1. Purpose of the Agreement

The purpose of this document is to define and to list the seasonal rental’s general conditions.

Article 2. Description of rented premises

All the rentals proposed by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL have been selected by our services. Descriptions are fully and faithfully summarized on our website. If in spite of such multiple precautions, your rental did not match the given description, the lessor may not be held responsible for a defect due to the owner’s concealment, omission, hidden defect, etc. Conversely, REVA DREAMS TRAVEL, acting as an agent may not be held responsible if modifications affecting the rented property, its environment or its availability, had not been communicated to REVA DREAMS TRAVEL by the owner before the reservation date, or between the reservation date and the arrival date.

Article 3. Property’s capacity:

The number of persons occupying the property must absolutely not exceed the number of beds mentioned on the invoice. Should the number of planned occupants be higher, the RENTER promises to ask for REVA DREAMS TRAVEL’s prior agreement. The number of guests should not exceed the number confirmed on your booking. Any additional person unauthorized by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL and who stay in the property without prior agreement will be invoiced on the credit card (or check) given as a deposit.

The property is only leased for holiday rental. Any commercial or private event, occurring for example by the invitation of additional persons, is strictly prohibited, except with the prior authorization of REVA DREAMS TRAVEL. Any unauthorized use of the property will result in the immediate eviction of its occupants without possible refund of monies paid and may be liable to legal proceedings.

Article 4. Animals:

Animals are welcome only inasmuch as their presence has been requested and accepted during the reservation.

Article 5. Duration of the rental

The stay may not exceed the number of nights indicated on the invoice, except in case of written agreement by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL. The total amount of rent shall remain acquired by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL should the RENTER decide to shorten the length of his rental.

At the beginning of the rental period, REVA DREAMS TRAVEL or its Agent shall give to the RENTER the keys and the instructions relative to the property.

The RENTER may not, under any circumstances, claim a right to remain in the rental property at the expiration of the rental period covered in this contract. In case of unauthorized excess of the rental period of more than two (2) hours relative to the date and time indicated on the invoice, a full night shall be invoiced to the RENTER.

Article 6. Arrivals – Departures

6.1 Arrival:

Check-in time is 3:00 pm. In the days preceding arrival, the RENTER should precisely indicate their intended time of arrival so that one of our agents may wait on the property or leave keys in a jointly agreed location. In the case of a delay, it is imperative to inform us in advance, so that we may rearrange the arrival. Before your arrival, we will present you with an itinerary or we will agree on a meeting point with you and we will give to you the coordinates of our chosen representative in case of a delay. An additional charge of 35 € will be invoiced to you if the arrival should take place after 8:00 pm. If the property is unoccupied the night before your arrival, we may offer you the possibility of arrival before 3:00 pm, though if you wish to arrive before 8:00 am, an additional payment of 35 € (or 4 180 XPF) up to the cost of an addition night can be charged to you, according to the time of your arrival. Please contact our services if you have any concerns.

Since an agent must wait to welcome you, in the case of a delay, we ask that you inform us at the soonest possible moment. Any delay greater than one hour can be charged.

6.3 Departure:

The checkout (departure and return of the keys) must take place before 11:00 am. At a time agreed upon (at your arrival), our representative will meet you onsite to inspect the premises and receive the keys. Should the property not be occupied on the following night we give you the possibility to remain in the premises until 3:00 pm. In order to plan our schedule, please contact our services. They will let you know if you can stay or not.

Failure to return the keys or to be present at checkout time may lead to legal action.

Article 7. Rent

7.1 Rent and payment

To obtain the total amount for the agreed upon rental, please see your invoice.

Please note that reservations made under the conditions of a special offer cannot be cancelled, modified or refunded.

Our prices include (except if otherwise specified):

bed and bath linen for the duration of one week,
water consumption (except in special cases)
electricity consumption on a basis indicated within the rental contract (any additional usage may be charged to you as a supplement at the end of your holiday)
the house cleaning before your arrival,
laundry after your departure,
welcome and departure in the rented property by one of our agents (for the properties we manage), or by a representative of the owner,
telephone assistance during your stay,
Internet access, if available (unless specified as an additional cost)
Our prices do not include (except if otherwise specified) house cleaning after your departure; however we can take care of it in your place and at your cost. The exit house cleaning varies with each property depending on its size, please refer to your invoice where this is mentioned.

House linen is supplied when you arrive and throughout the duration of one week. For stays exceeding one week, any change of provision of linen can be charged to you as an additional cost.

7.2 Reservation fees

You will be invoiced 45 € for your reservation. This allows us to maintain a high level of service and take on inherent managerial supplements, for example, arrivals and departure occurring on bank holidays or Sundays.

Down payment

A down payment of THIRTY percent (30%) of the overall amount of your rental must be paid at the time of reservation in order to confirm that reservation. The 45 € administrative and other services fee is equally due at the time of reservation. The down payment may be made in various ways:

- Through an online secured payment by credit card to our bank establishment (except in the case of special offer). By such payment, the reservation is confirmed immediately.

- By bank transfer (with provision of proof of sending)

Bank account detail : STFO REVA DREAMS TRAVEL
Bank code : 17469
Branch code : 00001
Account number : 20763880000
RIB key : 89

In case of bank transfer or check, the reservation will be kept for 48h while awaiting the payment. After 48h, if payment has not been made, the reservation is cancelled and the property’s availability will no longer be guaranteed.

In the case of bank transfer, charges incurred related to the transfer, or variation in currency exchange rates are taken on solely by the RENTER. The amount received in XPF or Euros should correspond exactly to the amount indicated on the invoice.

As soon as the down payment is received, an email will be sent to confirm the reservation and its details.

Balance payment:

The RENTER promises then to pay the balance of the rental amount to REVA DREAMS TRAVEL within a maximum period of THIRTY (30) days before the scheduled arrival time.

No key will be given without full payment for your stay, except with prior agreement from REVA DREAMS TRAVEL (in the case of a long term rental)

Reservation less than 30 days before the date of arrival:

If the reservation is made less than 30 days before the date of arrival in the premises, payment in full for the rental will be required at the time of reservation.

7.3 Security deposit

The RENTER will provide REVA DREAMS TRAVEL with a security deposit via credit card. This security deposit is payable at reservation. It will not be debited from the RENTER’S account depending on the outcome of the property inspection upon departure. For this purpose, the RENTER will fill out and sign an authorization to debit his bank card at the time of reservation. The RENTER may equally give a deposit check to the person present upon arrival.

If the RENTER wishes, they may also effectuate a security deposit via bank transfer of the sum stated within the invoice.

The purpose of the security deposit is to cover repairs or maintenance necessary following the departure of the RENTER, in addition to the replacement of any missing or damaged goods (furniture, household linen…).

The security deposit should not be considered as part of the rental payment, but may be debited in the case of a failure to pay rental amounts owed.

In the case of a deposit by authorization of debit of credit card, the RENTER must present the same card to us upon arrival proof of its validity or another valid card.

If no degradation is noticed during the exit inspection (REVA DREAMS TRAVEL reserves the right to carry out a property inspection in the 15 days following the date of departure):

- REVA DREAMS TRAVEL will destroy the check or all bank details relating to a security deposit by credit card loan.

- The security deposit effectuated by the RENTER will be reimbursed to him via bank transfer by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL within 15 days of the departure date, with a deduction of transfer fees.

In the opposite case:

-if the amount of expenses incurred is inferior to the total sum of the security deposit, the remainder of the deposit will be reimbursed to the RENTER, with a deduction of the incurred expenses plus 10%, within a maximum period of 2 months after the departure date;

-if the amount of expenses incurred is superior to the total sum of the security deposit, the RENTER, accepts to pay the necessary surplus to REVA DREAMS TRAVEL;

- REVA DREAMS TRAVEL will debit the RENTER’S security deposit of the total amount of fees incurred as a result of damages plus 10% that will be retained for this service.

The cost of damages will be determined between REVA DREAMS TRAVEL and the RENTER amicably. In the case of disagreement, an invoice for the damages will be created by an independent professional or organization chosen by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL.

Article 8 Household and bed linens

When applicable, if items are missing or damaged from our managed properties, you will be charged the following amounts:

Items Amount charged per item
Double bedsheet 38 €
Pillow case 7 €
Bath towel 24 €
Small towel 8.5 €
Bath mat 8.5 €
Beach/pool towel 30 €
Table cloth 4 €
Tea towel 8.5 €

Please note that we will charge you a minimum of 21 € if one or several linen items are damaged or missing even if the additional amount is lower than 21 €.

Article 9. REVA DREAMS TRAVEL’s duties

REVA DREAMS TRAVEL is held to the following obligations:

- To deliver to the RENTER the premises in good condition of use

- To ensure for the RENTER a peaceful enjoyment of the premises. REVA DREAMS TRAVEL cannot be held responsible for the hidden faults, nonconformities or defects hidden by the owners.

- To maintain the premises in the condition to be used as expected and to make all necessary repairs other than rent related.

REVA DREAMS TRAVEL has no responsibility for personal items left on premises during or after departure and does not accept liability for any injury, damage, loss of additional expenses caused directly or indirectly by events, which are beyond our control. REVA DREAMS TRAVEL does not accept liability for errors, omissions, default or negligence represented on our website.

Article 10. RENTER’s duties

The RENTER promises to occupy the property only for private purposes during his leisure or professional related stay. Under no circumstances, the property is to be used for commercial, artisanal or professional activities, except with the prior authorization of REVA DREAMS TRAVEL.

The property must be occupied by the signers of this contract and the persons accompanying him within the limit of the number of persons that the property can accommodate.

The RENTER shall take the rented premises in their present condition and shall maintain them in good condition of rent related repairs during the entire duration of this contact. He/she will be held responsible for degradations and losses occurring during the duration of the contract in the promises of which he/she has the exclusive enjoyment, unless he/she proves that they occurred in a case of force majeure, by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL’s fault or by the action of third parties who were not invited in the premises.

The replacement, repair or the servicing of materiel or accessories attached to the rented property are the exclusive responsibility of the RENTER if he/she is responsible of such loss or deterioration.

Any degradation, intentional or not, caused by the RENTER during his/her stay will be invoiced to him/her.

The RENTER shall not have any recourse against REVA DREAMS TRAVEL in case of theft and depredations in the rented premises.

REVA DREAMS TRAVEL cannot be held responsible for water, gas, electricity or Internet shut-offs, for theft or damages to personal property and for nuisances from the neighbors and other failure of services included in your accommodation provided by another society. However, our team will be here to assist you and accelerate the resolution of theses eventual problems. The properties are strictly non-smoking: the deposit could be engaged if any traces of smoke are detected at your check-out.

The RENTER and the persons with him promise that they would not engage in any action that could affect the tranquility of other occupants of the building, the neighborhood, the parceling and in general of his neighbors. Co-ownership rules apply to the RENTER.

The RENTER also promises not to welcome or let anyone bring any nuisance to the neighborhood. The sound level of musical reproduction devices, of radio and television must be adjusted so as not to disturb the neighbors. In any case all noises, regardless of their cause, are forbidden from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. To not use any machines or devices, which could bring to the neighborhood any nuisances such as bad odors, filthiness, vibrations, trepidations and noises or of any other manner.

The RENTER cannot use the telephone or connect a handset receiver to the telephone line of the rental. If he/she uses the telephone line of the property, a penalty of 200 € will be charged from the RENTER’s credit card.

If the RENTER has not pre paid an exit cleaning or if the housekeeping service is not included in the rental price, the RENTER’s duty is to return the property in the condition in which he/she found it. The property subject of this contract must be returned in the condition in which it was delivered to the RENTER. Otherwise, a fee of 250 € relating to the property’s state will be charged to the RENTER.

In all cases, even if the RENTER has pre-paid for an exit cleaning or if the housekeeping service is included in the price, the RENTER must clean and tidy up the dinnerware, empty bins, leave furniture and objects in their correct place and, when applicable, put household linens in the bags provided for the purpose.

In the event of a missed appointment with one of our agents for the check-in or check out, a fee of 35 € will be charged to the RENTER.

The RENTER must return the keys to our agent (or leave them in the place indicated in the notice) at time of the check out. In the case of missing keys, a fee of 35 € will be charge to the RENTER, in addition to the cost required for a new set of keys and/or key fob.

The electricity is included within the limit indicated below:

For a studio, a one bedroom apartment or house: 300 kWh
For a two bedroom apartment or house: 404 kWh
For a three bedroom apartment or house: 562 kWh
For a four bedroom apartment or house: 800 kWh
The above limits are per month or at a pro-rated amount if the stay lasts more or less than a month. For bigger apartment or house, the limit will increase by 90 kWh per extra bedroom. If the limit is exceeded, the surplus consumption will be charged 0.50 € per extra kWh based on electricity meter readings before check-in and after check-out.

Article 11. Premises condition report and inventory

Both parties shall prepare a premises exit condition report covering the property, the furniture and items made available to the RENTER. This condition report and the inventory will be prepared in the presence of both parties.

If the premises condition report and the inventory are not prepared and signed by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL, or its representative, and the RENTER simultaneously (agreed condition report and inventory), the premises condition report and the inventory prepared by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL alone and delivered to the RENTER when he/she arrived in the property may be challenged within 48 hours following the occupation of the property. If there is no challenge by the RENTER within this 48-hour period, the premises condition report and the inventory prepared by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL and communicated to the RENTER when he/she leaves the premises shall be deemed accepted without reservation by the RENTER.

The exit property condition report of the previous renter shall be used as the arrival premises condition report of the RENTER.

In the absence of premises condition report and/or inventory at the end of a rental period or if the RENTER alone prepares the condition report and/or inventory at the end of the rental period, the absence of challenge by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL within 48 hours following the end of the rental period shall be deemed as a return of the premises in good condition and/or complete inventory.

Article 12. Insurance

The RENTER must possess a Civil Liability insurance (covering in case of damages, caused by carelessness or negligence for example). Should the RENTER not possess Civil Liability insurance, he/she will have to purchase the multi-risk insurance proposed by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL.

Article 13. Rental modification - cancellation:

Modifications to your reservation:

These are modifications to the date of arrival or departure. If such modification occurs 45 days before the schedule date of arrival you will not be charged. If the modification occurs less than 45 days and given our cancellation policy below, you will be charged an additional 35 € cost. Please note that the rental bookings with special offer are non modifiable, non cancelable and non refundable.

Cancellation initiated by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL:

In case unforeseen circumstances (fire – damages – burglary – sale, etc.) make the property subject of this contract inaccessible, REVA DREAMS TRAVEL promises to relocate you in a property of identical or superior category located as close as possible to the property that you would have chosen, without changing anything in terms of date or price. If such exchange cannot be done, the total of the sum received by us will be reimbursed to you. REVA DREAMS TRAVEL may, under no circumstance, be subjected to an indemnity claim.

Any cancellation of this contract by REVA DREAMS TRAVEL before the arrival date will be notified to the RENTER as soon as possible.

Cancellation conditions – Cancellation penalty:

In case of cancellation of this seasonal rental contract, the RENTER promises to inform REVA DREAMS TRAVEL of his/her decision as soon as possible by registered mail with proof of delivery, being specified that no cancellation will be taken into account if communicated by telephone. The date of reception determines the cost of cancellation according to the following schedule (except in case of duly justified force majeure).

This schedule does not apply to many cases of cancellation covered by insurance (cancellation, water and fire damage, property degradation, etc.) that you can purchase from our Agency, such insurance is facultative and its cost is calculated fairly in function of the amount of your rent.

 If your cancellation occurs more than 45 days before your date of arrival: no cancellation cost and reimbursement of the received down payment.

 If the cancellation occurs between 45 days and 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival in the premises, the cancellation fee will be equal to 30% of the amount of your rent (i.e. the amount of down payment).

 If the cancellation occurs between 30 days and the scheduled date of arrival in the premises: the cancellation fee will be equal to 100% of the amount of your rent and associated services.

It is specified that in all cases of cancellation, the administrative cost remains acquired to the REVA DREAMS TRAVEL Agency. When receiving the cancellation, the present contract shall be deemed null and void with full rights and REVA DREAMS TRAVEL may dispose of the rented property.

Article 14. Cancellation of the contract

This contract shall be deemed cancelled with full rights and REVA DREAMS TRAVEL may dispose of the rented property:

Should the RENTER fail to show up after 5:00pm on the scheduled date of arrival and in the absence of late arrival notification;
Should the RENTER fail to pay the balance of the rent or the security deposit at the latest 30 (thirty) days before arrival date.
In the case of a cancellation of the contract by the RENTER
Article 15. Inclusive indemnities in case of legal action

Any legal action shall be charged to the RENTER.

Article 16. Dispute settlement

In case of dispute over this contract, or for all dispute arising from its execution, only the tribunals of French Polynesia shall have jurisdiction.

Article 17. Declaration of residence

For the execution of this contract and its following documents, the parties declare residency in their indicated home office and residence.

Article 18. Acceptance of the contract and liability waiver

I (we) the undersigned, Ms. and/or Mr. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………, renter(s) of the property (ies) named ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… occupied from …………………/…………………/………………… to …………………/…………………/………………… included, hereby agree and accept the general rental terms and declare that we waive any liability of the SARL Reva Dreams Travel in case of accident of any nature or damages without any exceptions or reservations, caused by/to the me (us), to third parties, animals, vehicles and in general, to any item made available to me (us) in the rented premises or borrowed by me (us), but also during the practice of any activity or tour booked for me (us) by the SARL Reva Dreams Travel.

I (we) declare that for this purpose, I (we) purchased a Civil Liability Insurance Policy, covering me (us) for all damages of any nature, caused to ourselves or to third parties and that our insurance policy does not contain any clauses contradicting what is previously declared.

I am, (we are) aware that the canoe, the bicycle(s), the kayak, and any other nautical and land equipment made available to me (us) in the rental property during our stay, and that the practice of activities or tours of any nature organized for us by the SARL Reva Dreams Travel, involve risks and dangers inherent to their use.

Being aware of such risks, I (we) assume them with full understanding and I (we) declare that we renounce any recourse or claim against SARL Reva Dreams Travel represented by its Manager and against the owners of the rented property.

I (we) also declare that we waive any liability of the SARL Reva Dreams Travel in a case of a no-respect of applicable law regarding the noises pollution.


(Signature preceded by the mention “Read and approved” and signed initials on all other pages of this rental contact)

Done in ……………………………… on …………………/…………………/………………….

Attached documents:

Appendix 1 – Debit authorization for a security deposit (except in the case of check payment)

Contract + Appendix to be faxed back to +689 40 439 030 or scanned and sent at